What to learn next?

I’ve always had principle to learn at least one new technology/programming language/framework every year. So far it has, among the most interesting, amounted to: C and C++, Pascal, Delphi, Foxpro, MySQL (and developing on the MyODBC driver), Informix, Oracle, MSSQL, ASP, PHP, Perl, Python, Zope/Plone, Typo3, Drupal, OO Patterns, SCRUM project methods, Ruby on Rails, Prototype, … I’ve probably missed some.

This doesn’t mean, that I still use all of the above – simply that I always strive to learn something new, evaluate it, and maybe continue to use it.

I am in no way finished with Ruby on Rails – especially since this has become basis for my new full-time job. But I would really feel like stalling, if I don’t try something new.

So what do I really need to look at next? We are coming to the end of 2008 – what does 2009 have to offer my curiosity?

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