Jira StopWatch 2.0 released, and has its own website now

It’s now been 1½ years since I first released Jira StopWatch as an open-source project. A lot of changes has been made since then, but basically the application is about the same single feature: Tracking your workday, and doing it as effortlessly as possible. A lot of people has helped with this, for which I am grateful. It really shows the value of making software open-source. In the last 1½ years, the application has been downloaded over 4.000 times, something I had never anticipated.

Latest release is now version 2.0, and in the meantime Jira StopWatch has gotten its own website: http://jirastopwatch.com

The source code and binary releases are still hosted on GitHub, and will continue to do so, since there really isn’t any better open-source collaboration tool IMHO.


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