My name is Carsten Gehling, I’m a programmer from Denmark, with my main focus on systems and data integration. Beside my primary occupation, I am the author of Jira StopWatch.

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Carsten Gehling

I’ve been working professionally with programming since 1993, and have done all kinds of stuff, like “traditional” system development, games programming, web development, working with robots, etc.

I’m married and have two great kids, who uses up most of my free time. 🙂 When they don’t, I like to go hiking in desolate places.

My oldest child has autism, which is also why you will find that Jira StopWatch is charityware with focus on Autism Speaks.

One thought on “About

  1. Dear Carsten,
    I just launched my rails application and noticed that the routes are case sensitive which is totally silly even if w3c states so.
    Anyhow thanks a lot for providing such a useful gem. Highly appreciated.!!

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