200 downloads of Jira StopWatch 1.4.1

200 downloads of Jira StopWatch 1.4.1

Woke up this morning and saw this. Jira StopWatch was released exactly a month ago, with not many people knowing about it, and now suddenly the setup program has been downloaded 200 times. Wauw! I thank you all, who have shown interest in this little tool, that sprung out of my own needs when working with Jira. Please don’t hesitate, if you have ideas for future features.

Easy time-tracking when using Jira

I’ve made a small Windows* tool to make time-tracking with Jira much easier IMHO.

Jira StopWatch

Read more and get it here: http://carstengehling.github.io/jirastopwatch

The use-case goes like this:

At work I’m usually working on up to 5 issues at a time – sometimes an issue is waiting for input from somebody temporarily away. Sometimes I need to prioritise a new issue above others. So I need to be able to quickly switch between issues – and still make sure to track how long I’ve totally worked on each issue.

So if you’re interested, take it for a spin, and let me know if you have any suggestions for improving it.

A short screencast to show the usage:

Jira StopWatch tutorial from Carsten Gehling on Vimeo.

* It’s OSS C# and also compiles with Mono on Linux – somebody with a Mac care to try?